What is Primordial?

Primordial is a Horde PVE raiding guild that will be only active on Classic WoW. While our focus is on PVE raid progression, that won't stop us from having some open world PVP fun.

The core team team is a bunch of WoW vets who have been playing this game for too damn long. We've run successful raiding guilds throughout every expansion.

We'll be on the Whitemane server. It's an english speaking Pacific PVP server in North America.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights at 6:30 - 9:30 PST. Check the guild calendar for details.

Why join Primordial?

Raid Progression

Have a hand in downing current bosses and the satisfaction that comes from progressing together as a guild.

A Timeless Classic

A slice in time, there's no worry about lost progress because a new expansion is on the horrizon.

Our experience

We've raided and downed current content on Live for over 14 years, from Vanilla to BFA.

Strength in Numbers

Mighty foes require mighty strength, we are strong alone and stronger together.

Who are we looking for?

Mature Players

18+ only. No toxic people or chronic victims. This isn't a daycare.


People who enjoy PVE raiding and open world PVP hijynx.

Crusty Folks

Drinkers, smokers, gamblers and degenerates welcome.

All Classes and Races

No matter what your Classic flavor is you have a spot beside us.

Nostalgia Lovers

Long term Classic enthusiasts who have an itch to go back to the glory days.

Social Comrades

People who enjoy goofing off together and having a laugh.

Join us!

Wanting to raid epic bosses and plunder epic loot?

Join our discord and message an officer to get a guild invite!

You don't have to raid to join our ranks. We welcome casual players who are mature, chill and share our values.

Guild Calender

Class Guides and Info

Meet Some of the Guild


Narzule / Scott

Guildmaster. Memelord.


Valow / Scott

Ultimate bro.


Aiyos / Colin

Mike Jones.


Spurlock / Mike

DK legend.


Gator / Andy

Master of tilts.


FokTop / Ryan

PVP God.


Casper / Dawson

Young Yeezy.


Dazbog / Nick

Warfact master.


Buruglen / Kristina

Deathcharger fiend.


StepDead / Chad

Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.


Rafnagud / Sebastian

Modern viking.


Pookachu / Siggie

Collector of shiny things.


Balthemain / Paul

Sultan of Stupid.


Twohands / Codey

Never see it coming.


Xeon / Tom

Elephants guide me.


And You!

Join now!